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The CS-150 with the 1A measuring angle of its predecessor together with the new CS-160 which has a smaller measuring angle of 1/3A enable measurements of the luminance and chromaticity of small light-emitting surfaces, such as micro displays or of small, sharply defined areas of distant light sources such as traffic or street lights.
In this study, a computation tool is developed to calculate sign luminance from all potential headlamps in the stream traffic.
With the sensor's ability to measure luminance and color, PerfectLum will build even more accurate ICC profiles and DICOM calibration LUTs.
Features Color rendering (CRI>90) and luminance necessary for lighting applications, while also achieving high efficiency and long lifespan -
In what is probably the major research effort in this area, Grimm [2003] used static laboratory and dynamic driving tests of various interior lighting configurations, asking subjects to give subjective ratings of visual comfort and examining objective tests of threshold luminance detection.
HDR imaging involves a series of photographs of a luminous scene from the same viewpoint, ranging from fully underexposed to fully overexposed images, which then are processed by software to produce luminance maps [Reinhard 2006].
The optical characteristics of the replicated LGPs were investigated by measuring the spatial luminance of the LGPs by means of a luminance meter (BM-7, Topcon) as shown in Fig.
Luminance is available for immediate purchase through liveBooks by calling 800.
Founded in the Fall of 2001, Luminance Consulting Services provides business development and marketing expertise, with a focus on emerging technologies and organizations.
Finished parts assure consistent High Intensity quality in luminance and can be installed with minimal inconvenience during normal working hours.
Target uncertainties for the calibration of test artifacts are less than 2 % in luminance and 0.
I come back to her/often, gazing in the mirror at a face with its own wild luminance, its own secrets.