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Mass Luminosity initiates global engagement and community experiences, manages large social media channels and is the parent company of Gaming Tribe (GTribe), a social media network for PC gamers and technology enthusiasts.
At the three sites and in the overall, there was wide variability of the coefficient of variation among the ten measured traits and the CV values increased in the following order: skin luminosity (3.
The third and final step is to use a shimmering dry body oil on areas like cheekbones and temples, collarbone and down the middle of arms and legs to give skin luminosity and glow.
With an increasing number of customers in the UK and US, the opening of the new US office will enable CM Group to deliver an enhanced support service for its range of Luminosity learning solutions.
To reveal the cosmological evolution of AGNs over wide redshift and luminosity ranges, it is necessary to perform a combination of unbiased X-ray surveys at different depths (sensitivity) and widths (area).
L] for the luminosity distance as it represents the radius of a sphere for light propagating from the center which is the point of emission of the light source.
Sumitomo Electric and Sony anticipate a wide variety of applications forthis technology such as incorporation into advanced laser projectors with high luminosity and broad color gamut, as well as compact, light, energy-efficient laser projectors.
Luminosity gives a measure of how many collisions are happening in a particle accelerator: the higher the luminosity, the more particles are likely to collide.
This means that in addition to bringing greater luminosity performance to ROV operations, underwater system developers worldwide can incorporate this range in other underwater equipment designs such as diver equipment, as it has a universal power interface that can take a wider range of power options than any other LED light.
They use a quarter of the power, have a life of over 50,000 hours compared to 1000 hours for halogen and give higher luminosity than a 150 watt bulb - with a daylight white for more accurate colour rendering of video images than the typical 'yellow light'," he explained.
IF you're blonde like me and want to keep your locks looking healthy and shiny, try Reflective Luminosity Blondme Shampoo, pounds 8.