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thou heaven above me, thou pure, thou luminous heaven
I, however, am a blesser and a Yea-sayer, if thou be but around me, thou pure, thou luminous heaven
On two occasions I have observed the sea luminous at considerable depths beneath the surface.
The appearance was very similar to that which might be expected from a large fish moving rapidly through a luminous fluid.
Princess Mary gazed intently into his eyes with her own luminous ones as he said this.
The tree-tops rose against the luminous blue sky in inky silhouette, and all below that outline melted into one formless blackness.
It made the round of the frigate, which was then making fourteen knots, and enveloped it with its electric rings like luminous dust.
Over the whole of this, and in all directions, lay the luminous lines, all converging to the summit of Copernicus.
He quickly found that Shannon Luminous Material's customers keep him busy developing new products.
Sackett (then at the Institute for Advanced Study) and her colleagues discovered an unusually extended, luminous halo around NGC 5907, an edge-on spiral galaxy.
After eight years away from the spotlight, Lorraine Segato has returned with a new collection of songs titled Luminous City.