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8) Man is intentionalistically a part and luminously the whole of the process of reality.
These images remind us of Newman's early idea that there were "two and two only absolute and luminously self-evident beings, myself and my Creator" (16).
The third Barbie[TM] adventure set in the luminously magical world of Fairytopia[TM], "Barbie[TM] Fairytopia[TM]: Magic of the Rainbow[TM]" is a shimmering blend of music, dance, color and mystery.
When you compare a 'proper' tree against this impressive 57cm colourful acrylic version, with its 200 white LED lights, you also realise real can never be as luminously brilliant as fake.
Thirty prizes will be awarded so women can live life more luminously.
Luminously translucent structures appear on distant mountains and islands, like a futuristic colony in this inhospitable land; and, in a long, gorgeous vista of icy ridges descending into water, with two (real) polar bears in the distance, the ocean appears to boil with color, an effect that manages to be both beautiful and reminiscent of oil slicks and garbage.
Experience bliss with a calming and relaxing shea butter and honey mask that soothes and comforts and leaving your skin luminously radiant.
Yes, it's fantasy, but this spirit-lifting fairytale's feet frequently skim the Parisian pavements on which Bruno Delbonnel luminously films it.
Luminously shot and exquisitely inventive, "Ripley" incisively probes desire, deceit and self-loathing.
As in previous volumes of the series, Espmark's social criticism is couched in masterful prose: colloquial yet dense and luminously lyric.
From France too came his rational, luminously clear, Renaissance-based architecture.
Korean photographer Atta Kim was chosen for his luminously beautiful long exposure color photographs.