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Asked why they did not itemize the lump sum funds before Congress ratified the expenditure plan, Senior Deputy Majority Leader Rodante Marcoleta earlier said: 'Marami nga kami.'
The present article utilizes this insight to explore a new path to reform Social Security; namely, we evaluate whether people might delay claiming benefits and retire later in exchange for an actuarially fair lump sum.
This is the story of Avril, who discovered a lump in her breast in an unconventional way.
Although she might not have a clue as to the terrifying reality of the migrating lump, the woman did have concerns about her condition and proceeded to take photos of herself every time the lump happened to move.
A breast lump is any discrete mass noticed by the patient or by their physicians that prompts them to seek medical advice and treatment1.
Lump Solutions to the Fifth-Order KdV-Like Equation
Other than formation of lump, one should also observe whether there are skin changes such as swelling and redness, in drawing of the nipples or if there is pain, irritation, change of color, or peeling and flaking of nipple skin.( ANI )
"He made it absolutely clear to me that if I did not have the lumpectomy, then the lump would continue to grow at an aggressive rate," she said.
One of the most difficult pre-retirement decisions that a client may be faced with is whether to accept a lump sum option from his or her pension plan.
Sutton defends that the composition and existence of a lump or piece of matter (like our CLAY colocated with STATUE) is, at least in part, grounded in the extrinsic relations in which its parts stand in to human intentions about lumps or pieces of matter.
Q: My 13 year old male Labrador has developed a large lump above his right leg, which is growing larger.