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Nodularity (lumpiness) was the presenting symptom in 14% of cases.
A 58-year-old woman was referred for diagnostic workup for lumpiness of her left breast.
Omar Ahmad Al Muhairi, Senior Manager of Air Cargo Operations at Dubai Customs, said unusual lumpiness was detected at some parts of the fabric samples of the cargo when scanned with the x-ray machine.
"We would therefore advise that women who have symptoms of a rupture - for example tenderness, soreness or lumpiness - should speak to their surgeon or GP.
She recovered but was left with lumpiness in both buttocks, so she had 10 more rounds of injections.
This Article examines the implications of lumpiness for property
While the data is not overly concerning for now, its lumpiness and lack of momentum has kept investors unexcited about Qatari banking despite what we view as a clear medium to long term growth story that remains quite intact.
He added that the cargo was examined through an X-ray machine and an unusual lumpiness was detected in some parts of the samples.
Then there is the ride, much better than when it had the lumpiness of a three legged donkey.
This heats the vein from the inside, causing the walls to stick together, getting rid of the lumpiness. Not every NHS centre in the country offers this treatment.
Some films had smooth surfaces with microvoids and lumpiness, depending on the surfactant tested.
but without the oat taste, colour or lumpiness. First to market with this innovative ingredient has been the ever health-conscious Marks & Spencer, which recently launched a new Super Juice drink containing oat beta glucan to help lower cholesterol.