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in which lumpiness may explain, justify, and challenge features of
bruises, discoloration, tenderness and transient swelling to major ones including lumpiness, granulomas, hypersensitivities, skin necrosis, angioembolisation, infection (including herpes simplex virus) and cosmetic disfigurement.
He noticed some lumpiness when he checked the parcel through the x-ray machine.
This purchase was necessary because the mower we bought last year simply wasn''t tough enough to cope with the amount, texture and lumpiness of our grass.
The best way to determine the nature of breast lumpiness is to see your doctor for a breast exam.
In terms of surgery not only does the procedure start around 8000 but often "there are serious wound infections and penile deformity such as lumpiness and asymmetry.
Details in the Hubble telescope's view show "a lumpiness to the debris plume cause by turbulence in Jupiter's atmosphere.
It is used to thicken and stabilise food and avoids lumpiness in both hot and cold systems, making it the ideal solution for instant foods such as cup-a-soups and minute rice and pasta packets.
Throttle response is instant with plenty of meat from very low in the powerband, and it continues to build progressively with no steps or lumpiness, tailoring off just before the 8,000rpm redline.
We're trying to grow our business in the aftermarket side to smooth out the revenue lumpiness of large installations," Splude adds.
There's some debate about whether the case applies to letters and/or flats, but others believe any type of front-end premium, such as greeting card packages or pencils included in petitions, would not meet the thickness test and could not be mailed at a discount because of its lumpiness.
We see the opposites playing out in front of our eyes through the contrasts between the lumpiness of the clay and the seductive qualities of the coloured and glazed surfaces.