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His colourful studio is littered with his sculptural vessel forms --from small and lumpish, to large and princely--unfired clay models, figurines, sketches, as well as paintbrushes and modelling tools.
In other words, the single nanoparticles and the small aggregates, dispersed in the matrices of PP-T-I and PP-AM-T-1, were small enough to meet the crystallographic conditions of the //-crystal formation whereas the relatively larger particle aggregates present at the more concentrated nanocomposile lost this ability (32), Crystal shape of the //-nuclealor has been considered as another parameter which can affect the [beta]-phase nuclealion and, it was reported that plale or lumpish shape favor the growth of [beta]-phase PP (60].
While the orange vase is attractive, particularly the colour, the shape is a bit lumpish and congested.
The compound compares lumpish watchers of television to lumpy potatoes: The longer couch potatoes sit, the deeper they put down their roots and the more they come to resemble potatoes.
An angry society spokesman branded his scheme 'over-bulky, ungainly, squat in proportion, lumpish and with no style or elegance'.
Autumn Sequel is beset by the same lumpish verbosity, at greater length.
Those who espouse divisive ideologies of every stripe, which reduce our wondrous cosmos--and humanity's place in it--into something "stiflingly crude and lumpish.
There was greenery enough for every mood, jasmine for an inspiring afternoon and lumpish growths for a miserable morning.
Another lumpish connector with an absurdly long power cord is troublesome.
Manicom provides some nice bits of description like this of a provincial administration building: "It was lumpish, a ten-storey cube fronted with heavy blocks of reddish stone grimed by decades of industrial soot and trimmed in black at every opportunity: black doorways, windows, cornices.
In the case of The House of Fame, whether it is unresolved (like a lumpish amalgam of disconnected episodes), deliberately disjointed or architectonically secure remains a dividing issue.
So a lumpish, hirsute, 40- something male first lifer could become a 25-year-old svelte young male with chiselled cheekbones and just a slight shadow of stubble.