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YEAR. The period in which the revolution of the earth round the sun, and the accompanying changes in the order of nature, are completed.
     2. The civil year differs from the astronomical, the latter being composed of 365 days, 5 hours, 48 seconds and a fraction, while the former consists, sometimes of three hundred and sixty-five days, and at others, in leap years, of three hundred and sixty-six days.
     3. The year is divided into half-year which consists, according to Co. Litt. 135 b, of 182 days; and quarter of a year, which consists of 91 days, Ibid. and 2 Roll. Ab. 521, 1. 40. It is further divided into twelve months.
     4. The civil year commences immediately after twelve o'clock at night of the thirty-first day of December, that is the first moment of the first day of January, and ends at midnight of the thirty-first day of December, twelve mouths thereafter. Vide Com. Dig. Ann.; 2 Bl. Com. by Chitty, 140, n.; Chitt. Pr. Index tit. Time alteration of the calendar (q.v.) from old to new style in England, (see Bissextile,) and the colonies of that country in America, the year in chronological reckoning was supposed to commence with the first day of January, although the legal year did not commence until March 25th, the intermediate time being doubly indicated: thus February 15, 1724, and so on. This mode of reckoning was altered by the statute 24 Geo. II. cap. 23, which gave rise to an act of assembly of Pennsylvania, passed March 11, 1752; 1 Sm. Laws, 217, conforming thereto, and also to the repeal of the act of 1710.
     5. In New York it is enacted that whenever the term "year" or "years" is or shall be used in any statute, deed, verbal or written contract, or any public or private instrument whatever, the year intended shall be taken to consist of three hundred and sixty-five days; half a year of a hundred and eighty-two days; and a quarter of a year of ninety-two days; and the day of a leap year, and the day immediately preceding, if they shall occur in any period so to be computed, shall be reckoned together as one day. Rev. Stat. part 1, c. 19, t. 1, Sec. 3.

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If ones full lunar year elapses on the month of Rajab, for example, then he should not delay it until Ramadhn and must pay it in Rajab.
The activity of "Touching the Spring Ox" lasts until the seventh day of the lunar year.
Taiseer Al-Mufrej, director of the information center, said the new measure, which will be applied at beginning of the new lunar year, 1436H, aims to encourage private firms to employ more Saudis to improve their Saudi-to-expat ratio.
Cancer THIS is called the Moon after Yule, Old Moon or Storm Moon - there are many variations for it - and it's a time to consider the start of a new year - to stay in and think about where you see things going in the coming Lunar year.
Thanking the Chinese leadership for the warm welcome and hospitality extended to him and his delegation during stay in Beijing, the President congratulated Premier Li Keqiang on the Chinese lunar year and wished him a prosperous and a very Happy New Year - the year of the Horse.
At the outset of the meeting, President Mamnoon Hussain congratulated the Chinese President and people of China on the Chinese New Lunar Year and expressed his best wishes for a happy and auspicious Year of the Horse.
Urging his compatriots at a community gathering to mark the beginning of the new lunar year and revive their local traditions, the envoy said: "On the occasion of the Lunar New Year (2014), all fellow Vietnamese citizens residing in Qatar are advised to respect the laws and traditions of the host country and contribute in further strengthening Vietnam-Qatar friendly relations.
However you wish to phrase your greetings for the New Lunar Year, one thing's for sure: the whole world is celebrating with the Chinese for this big event.
The coins include an equestrian themed design and have been issued in denominations incorporating the lucky number eight to celebrate the 2014 Lunar Year of the Horse.
Global Banking News-December 31, 2013--Central bank of Taiwan to issue new coins for new lunar year
It's simply that the Jewish calendar is based on a lunar year, which is shorter than a solar year.
He said: "The evidence suggests that hunter-gatherer societies in Scotland had both the need and sophistication to track time across the years, to correct for seasonal drift of the lunar year and that this occurred nearly 5,000 years before the first formal calendars known in the near east.