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The untreated Meigs' syndrome is fatal and the cause of death is lung collapse due to massive pleural effusion.
The double-lumen tubes took longer for intubation and placement but less time for lung collapse than the blockers (Table 3).
This is because the layer of protein upon the surface water found on the walls of the lungs has not developed, meaning the surface tension of the water can result in lung collapse.
The fluid build-up and lung collapse has caused some discomfort in recent weeks.
The fluid build-up and lung collapse has caused the president some discomfort, but he has otherwise been in very good condition and is walking up to four miles a day.
She had had 10 lung collapses, she explained, and what was bothering me could be the same as hers, so could I go and check whether I had developed thoracic endometriosis?
ATHIS is where the lung collapses when air gets trapped between the lung and the chest wall for no clear reason.
GWYNEDD He said: "If the other lung collapses or if I have an infection, it'll be very difficult to get it back up again.
One interesting suggestion is that ambulances and A&E departments should sport a tariff boards: victims of strokes, heart attacks, lung collapses, road smashes, broken bones, skull damage - no charge.
diminishment of oxygen as her right lung collapses.