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A subsequent radiograph confirmed re-inflation of the left lung field (Fig 4).
The spontaneous breathing intrinsic to APRV will create diaphragmatic contractions that may enhance the recruitment of atelectatic alveoli in dependent regions of the lung field.
The lung tumor was found incidentally on chest x-ray, which showed a round, 3 x 3-cm, radiopaque mass in the left upper lung field (figure 2, A).
A three-way tap can be used to connect two stethoscope chest pieces, one over each lung field, to a single ear-piece or traditional stethoscope with two ear pieces.
Chest radiography revealed a 3 X 4 cm left upper lobe lung mass with an unremarkable right lung field.
In the context of global lung assessment it is important that we remain cognizant of the reality that variations in Pplat may be present throughout the lung field.
New radiographs showed bilateral upper lung field infiltrates with cavitary lesions.
Chest radiographs showed RML atelectasis with minimal fibrotic change over the right upper lung field.
The unique flow velocity profiles are responsible for gas exchange and create the greater context of a stable lung field.
Dyspnea developed on day 2 of illness, and a chest radiograph showed interstitial infiltrations at right upper and left middle lung fields and a masslike infiltration at the right middle lung field.
Of course, the above described condition gradually varies from top to bottom of the lung field.
2[degrees]C and bronchial breath sounds at the right upper zone lung field.