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On the other hand, the earlier 6-point lurch in SRP in the first quarter of 2017 was due to poverty up in all areas: by 8 in Balance Luzon, 6 in Mindanao, 5 in NCR, and 1 in the Visayas.
And we won't let it lurch off to the right with the Conservatives and Ukip cutting to the bone and dividing our communities.
The Labour party will lurch left; they will risk the economic recovery with their financially illiterate plans such as capping energy prices and banning zero hours contracts.
Gagan Narang posted two pictures of shooters left in the lurch at Atlanta airport on Facebook
For those of you who wonder what on earth Almunia was doing before he joined Arsenal in his late 20s, I can unreliably inform you that he was in America, making a living as a Lurch impersonator.
Mr Cameron will say: "There's been a lot of talk about lurching, so let me make it clear - no lurch to the right, no lurch to the left.
distributor-is illustrated in the tale of a new ice cream scoop from a German kitchen gadget company called LURCH.
The Mission had a deal at a building close to 600 Third Avenue but was unexpectedly bumped when a tenant in that building needed expansion space--which left the Mission in the lurch with just a couple of months to relocate.
Here's how to stay out of the lurch when it comes to launching:
They didn't want their students left in the lurch of the digital divide.
In Moon Valley, Jolie Marshal regrets marrying charming SOB Chris who embezzled money from their company leaving friends and her mother potentially in the lurch.