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In this TV image a bull jumps 10 yards from the ring into the stands at the Tafalla bullring in Spain, causing panic as he lurched through the screaming crowd, charging everything he could and injuring 40 people before being restrained (inset)
The car lurched out of control and plunged into the pond.
The pushchair was placed in an area where you would not think there was any danger, but the car lurched forward on the slope.
involvement came only after the bombings began - and have lurched uncomfortably and unconvincingly among realpolitik national security concerns, the need for international economic stability, and humanitarian intervention - only underscores the lack of national consensus on what, if any, action should have been taken in the first place.
Ghostly pale models in spooky eye make-up lurched down the runway wearing huge jackets, with oversized shoulders and bulging limbs.
But the "co-pilot" - an engineer with no flying experience - accidentally hit the throttle and the bomber lurched 150ft into the air.
Norwich North MP Ian Gibson said the Home Office lurched "from one scandal to the next" as it emerged that Turk Bilal Darioglu, 30, raped the woman days after immigration officials had been sent to seize him.
A MONGREL that lurched at a mother and child on a city street faces being destroyed unless claimed by today.