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In front of the gruesome doorway he met a lurching figure.
Horses' hoofs were clattering, and she was lurching somewhere through the night.
At each end of the yard there did indeed hang the dark figure of a man, jolting and lurching with hideous jerkings of its limbs at every plunge and swoop of the galley.
The man watched him go, limping grotesquely and lurching forward with stammering gait up the slow slope toward the soft sky-line of the low-lying hill.
With a body of which he was scarcely aware, for even the pain had been exhausted out of it, and with a bright clear brain that accommodated him to a quiet ecstasy of sheer lucidness of thought, he lay back on the lurching litter and watched the fading of the passing world, beholding for the last time the breadfruit tree before the devil- devil house, the dim day beneath the matted jungle roof, the gloomy gorge between the shouldering mountains, the saddle of raw limestone, and the mesa of black volcanic sand.
Mr Blifil there was no sooner gone than the son of a whore came lurching about the house.
We are in danger at this election of lurching to the left or right but what we need is to keep a steady path and do the simple things, like managing the public finances, sensibly.
I see the Tories currently T lurching to the extremes of the right, Labour lurching to the extremes of the left.
Repeating an argument made at the weekend, he said: "We are in danger of lurching down the road towards fascism.
Painful memories of lurching, in a drunken stupor, towards shocked girls on dance floors, only to be painfully and publicly rebuffed and sent lurching back to the bar.
Washington, Jan 4 (ANI): Scientists have clarified that glacial earthquakes in Greenland are caused by major ice calving events, not glacier lurching.
In an echo of Margaret Thatcher's famous speech 25 years ago when she insisted "the Lady's not for turning", Mr Cameron will tell delegates, "There's been a lot of talk about lurching.