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Using nothing more exotic than wood and plastic, lacquer and ink, he has begun to develop a practice that can shift without lurching, insist without demanding, and endear itself without screaming to be liked.
A few months after that, however, Cardinal Paul Poupard, head of the Pontifical Council for Culture, told reporters during a Vatican press conference that the church must pay heed to the scientific community or risk lurching into "fundamentalism.
Moscow may have started the contest as rank outsiders but New York appear to be lurching towards the bottom of the pile due to a bitter dispute over land for the proposed Olympic stadium which has gone to court, doing little to impress the 120 IOC members who decide in July
Using a lurching, off-axis, angular vocabulary, Cells portrays Cinderella and her natural parents as innocents in a decadent society.
Now, with the economy in a tailspin, companies are lurching in the opposite direction and insisting that managers demand better performance from their people and, where better performance is not forthcoming, mark the poorest performers for dismissal.
In a crash, as a car screeches to a stop, the passengers continue lurching forward, often slamming into the steering wheel or windshield.
In Rutan's words, the aircraft was a "beast" to fly, often rolling, heaving and lurching through the air.