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Data were collected weekly, and lures and liners were changed every 4 wk (i.
Swendseid notes that scarcity of lures and their expense have encouraged copycat production.
Commercially marketed lure knockers vary in size, weight and design based on the depth and cover for which they're intended.
M2 EQUITYBITES-January 7, 2015-Arcus Hunting Acquires Deer Lure Brand Tink's
Since then, I have fought a personal battle to outwit this worthy adversary, because although it's not difficult to engage tigerfish on surface lures, it's another story altogether to set the hooks.
When I was just a teenager, I learned a very valuable lesson about bass fishing: You can't catch them if the lure isn't in the water.
Lockett Lures Outlet provides both freshwater and saltwater baits and strives to deliver quality, durability, and low prices.
The results showed that while the boll weevils were no more attracted to the experimental lures than to the standard lures, the milkweed weevils were more attracted.
Said to be the first of their kind, Actiglo lures are made using a half-dozen TPEs from Alliance Polymers & Services, LLC, Romulus, Mich.
Split rings, swivels and hooks can be bought anywhere fishing lures are sold.
Regardless of your size and structure, if you like to chase things that move, you'll love lure coursing.
If my lures snag the bottom, I can usually get them back without a break-off.