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Early studies described the predatory behavior of Zelus luridus Stal (Edwards 1966) and mating and predatory behaviors as well as the immature stages of Z.
luridus Stal, have the medial process of the pygophore wide at base, but only in a few undescribed species of Zelus, the base of the medial process of the pygophore is relatively wide and has an emarginate posterior border of the dorsal phallothecal sclerite (Hart, 1972b), similar to the structure found in Pronozelus.
group FG, PF, SW 7 Hemiptera ontari Robinson FG, SW 3 Hemiptera species 1 BT, LT, ML, PF, SW 116 Hemiptera vulnerata group SW 3 Hemiptera luridus (Van Duzee) LT 1 Hemiptera versuta (Say) SW 6 Hemiptera species 2 LT, SW 2 Hemiptera orbona (Fab.
Heide Hatry's work with blood, for instance, can be associated with the luridus realms of death and provoke a reaction akin to having witnessed a murder.
In the biopolitical regime, "race" was a line between the human and the infrahuman; the Linnaean taxonomization of human beings into Asiaticus luridus, Americanus rebescus, and Afer niger discursively enforced a hierarchy of humanity that justified colonial violence.
2 09-22 Quedius plagiatus (=laevigatus) 1 08-18 Sepedophilus versicolor (Casey) 2 09-29 Siagonium punctatum LeConte 2 05-19 Tachinus fimbriatus Gravenhorst 38 06-16 to 09-08 Tachinus fumipennis (Say) 1 05-19 Tachinus luridus Erichson 1 04-28 Xestolinus abdominalus Casey 14 04-28 to 05-05 Tenebrionidae Alobates pennsylvanica (DeGeer) 2 08-24 to 08-25 Anaedus aeneus (Ziegler) 4 07-07 to 08-16 Bolitotherus cornutus (Panzer) 4 07-27 to 08-10 Corticeus praetermissus (Fall) 1 05-05 Diaperis maculata (Olivier) 4 06-15 to 08-04 Meracantha contracta (Beauvois) 3 06-16 to 06-29 Neatus tenebrioides (Beauvois) 2 06-11 to 08-24 Neomida bicornis (F.