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Vividly drawn and lusciously executed, the Seven Realms series continues to grow in breadth and detail with this sequel to The Demon King (Hyperion, 2009/VOYA October 2009).
The music is lusciously romantic of its time, 1926, and this Barcelona production, recorded at Bregenz Festival, is well performed by a cast led by Scott Hendricks and Olga Pastchynk, as King and Queen, with Mark Elder conducting the Vienna Symphony Orchestra.
His uptown version is lusciously loaded with fresh, succulent lobster lightly dressed with a tangy, olive oil-based mayonnaise, lemon zest and celery.
Various lusciously lined drawers offer clearly arranged room for further watches and accessories.
A soft glow illuminates the piscatorial produce lusciously arrayed on steel salvers crafted by local artisans.
Hatoum's allusions to Palestine in Keffieh, 1993-99 (an iconic head scarf embellished with waves of human hair and lusciously draped inside a Plexiglas box), and Interior Landscape, 2005 (the country's map embroidered on a pillow and tossed onto a bed frame with barbed wire instead of springs), like-wise suggested personal intimacy and pain rather than a specific political point of view.
It has never been this easy for women to get lusciously curled, 'look at me' lashes, with no clumping, smudging or flaking.
Noone would be more pleased about this than Warhol, who was frank about his keen interest in both art and money, and indulged in his own fame lusciously.
By the 1920s, just about the only people not playing football were women, banned by a spiteful FA in 1902 after the lusciously named Miss Nettle Honeyball had organized a successful women's touring side.
Portal, a lusciously remastered compilation of 10 contemplative piano pieces, is an invitation to dream or meditate or make love.
Open it up to find a lusciously rich and creamy chocolate layer made from Dove Chocolate and fresh cream.