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To tipple, booze, swill, soak, guzzle, lush, bib, or swig.
The lush vegetation of that sheltered spot make a natural shield.
The way grew hard and rocky as they began to climb, but the divide was an easy one, and they soon dropped down the canyon of the Blue Lakes among lush fields of golden poppies.
Little could the first pioneer who had traversed it have ever imagined that the fairest prairies and the most lush water pastures were valueless compared to this gloomy land of black crag and tangled forest.
'E's always pokin' in the mud by the river an' a-cleanin' them muchly-fish with 'is thumbs." Revere was still absorbed in the Company papers, and the Sergeant, who was sternly fond of Bobby, continued, -" 'E generally goes down there when'e's got 'is skinful, beggin' your pardon, sir, an' they do say that the more lush - inebriated 'e is, the more fish 'e catches.
The South of England was alive with them when there was plenty of good lush green-stuff to keep them going.
Two half-quartern brans; pound of best fresh; piece of double Glo'ster; and, to wind up all, some of the richest sort you ever lushed!'
Walking downChurch Streeton a busy shopping day and it's impossible not to be hit by a delightful waft of the scents emanating from Lush.
LUSH UK's recent decision to do away with its corporate social media channels has divided opinion in the PR and marketing sector.
TAPPING into a dissatisfaction with social media, cosmetics firm Lush recently announced that it would move away from it, justifying its decision by drawing attention to the financial and ethical cost of using social media.
One good option for nature-inspired living is SM Development Corp.'s Lush Residences.
AFTER months of waiting, the world's biggest Lush store opens in Liverpool city centre today.