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Following that, a race toward the lushest, ripest fruit possible resulted in slightly outlandish alcohol levels of 16 or even 17 percent, at the expense of nuance.
In Anthem you'll be heading out in a fully customisable Javelin exosuit, which will let you run, fly and swim through some of the lushest landscapes ever seen in a videogame.
In young stands, during winter, they feed mainly on needles of the lushest young pines, of which they seriously afflict the top as well as the branches'.
Closing out the evening will be Richard Strauss' Rosenkavalier Waltzes, some of the lushest music ever written.
This is a delightful version that features some of the lushest visuals ever recorded on film, outstanding performances and a strong emotional heartbeat that resonate throughout.
He told his followers: "Lushest weekend away with my family in Whitley Bay/Newcastle eating fish and chips and watching Harry Potter.
Featuring more than 200 works selected from the Royal Collection, it's the lushest display of paintings of gardens, and of furnishings inspired by horticulture, since 'The Glory of The Garden' in 1987, which was assembled by Sotheby's from aristocratic collections.
Perhaps his lushest, most immediately cinematic production, "Good Kid" saw the producer craft a lonely nocturne by deftly layering ominous chimes, a sly Roy Ayers hat-tip and a mournful trumpet line while Lamar's lyrics sketched scenes of gang warfare and police brutality.
One parent's child described her as: "The lushest lollipop lady in the world." Sylvia finally cast off her uniform and rode with her daughter through Chester-le-Street high street to meet friends and family in a celebration at the Church Mouse on the Chester Moor.
Fans got to the lushest place on Earth by air or by boat, 1000 miles up the Amazon River.
There's no question, though, that her voluptuous voice is heard to best advantage in in lushest songs here, like "Written in the Stars," "Come, Gentle Dark," or "I love you, I love you, and I love you." In the face of such gorgeous vocalism, one probably shouldn't carp about repertoire choice.
Others have commented on the insufferable strain this will put on the infrastructure and roads of the locality, so I shall confine myself to urging the council to think twice - three times - before despoiling one of the lushest parts of South Wales.