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And in ``Mermaid,'' Disney returned to the lushly beautiful animation it was known for -- and instead of cutting costs with computers, used them to make the look more spectacular.
The lushly landscaped Carnegie Center Office Park incorporates a variety of features including a central "Greenway" that connects buildings with sitting areas, open-air cafes, jogging and walking paths, gazebos, an amphitheater, playing fields, exotic plantings and ponds.
Other discoveries for NYC audiences included Tania Isaac (see "25 to Watch"), Stanton Welch's Houston Ballet in his lushly inventive Nosotros, and Aditi Mangaldas Dance Company with its amazing interactive body rhythms.
Set in a lushly mature park, Hadid's pulsating sinew of black lava concrete gives little quarter to its neighbour, a genteel stately home-cum-gallery built in 1918 to house an art collection begun by Danish insurance magnate Wilhelm Hanson.
The novel is also brazenly comic and lushly sentimental.
Dennis Forbes's well written and lushly illustrated book is a welcome addition to the growing body of work that both explains and celebrates the art of African Americans.
Best of show is the composer's lushly melodic "It's Only Time"--surely the top contender for the gay wedding tune of our time.
Recreational activities are endless: a full-service spa and salon overlook a lushly landscaped swimming pool; a shopping promenade features designer resort and casualwear; 12 restaurants offer dining choices ranging from elegant to casual; and there's an exciting 24-hour casino.
In Francois Girard's lushly scored film about the 300-year pilgrimage of an exquisitely crafted violin, it's hard to imagine that some of the instrument's plaintive resonance isn't from all the blood, sweat, and tears that have soaked into the varnish.
Haxtun residents have always been proud of their town, a lushly treed oasis in a sea of prairie.
Palms, ferns, philodendrons, and mondo grass now lushly crowd the 4-foot-wide path to the front door.
LIHUE, Hawaii -- Located on 25 lushly landscaped acres of Kauai's "Coconut Coast," the Kauai Beach Hotel & Resort officially became the Hilton Kauai Beach Resort today after the completion of an $18 million renovation.