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Complete with a full string orchestra, their songs swirl lushly through a packed Civic, each with the searing ambition to one day accompany a James Bond movie.
It will be fascinating to hear how the Heritage Orchestra will re-create his music on their own lushly acoustic terms, armed with such a vast array of strings and percussion.
An Italian hot stone massage or a Roman lushly hand and foot treatment are additional extras.
She also produced the album of gorgeous, lushly arranged songs inspired by love, nature and introspection.
This is a collaboration between him and admirers from R&B and hip hop, drawn from a series of sessions that's yielded a mix of high-spirited and lushly romantic songs.
3, it performs three works: Vilaro's Quinceanera, about the traditional coming of age parties given for 15-year-old Latinas; Michelle Manzanales' Sugar in the Raw, a driving vision of human relationships set to music by Gustavo Santaolalla (who scored the film Babel), and Pedro Ruiz's lushly balletic Sonetos de Amor.
The Decca disc is slightly softer, warmer, and perhaps more veiled, but it tends to complement Satie's lushly romantic world, too.
The loft building will offer sun-drenched living rooms, opulently appointed chef kitchens, lushly designed spa baths and a concierge.
For those unfamiliar with Yerby, he was a real-life African American writer best known for his historical romances--those lushly detailed, intricately plotted novels so loved by the reading public.
Personable, professional and with zero attitude, King, tuxedoed with a black bow tie, treats you like a guest in his warm and lushly furnished home, with its huge black marble fireplace, overstuffed sofas and easy chairs.
Rather than a lushly illustrated guide to a particular genus of plants or a technical horticultural text, the late British biologist/ conservationist (d.