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The lushness of Joy Harjo's language and the expansiveness of her spirit are redemptions in and of themselves.
And what good are beautiful plantings without the rich lushness of healthy lawn?
In all of these locations I am struck by the lushness of planting when people decide they will garden even in the hottest of places.
Ferns became popular houseplants during Victorian times because of their lushness and tolerance for relatively dim conditions.
Consequently, Marko shows that a woman's lushness and desirability can still transmit a defiant vigor that rises beyond the limits of the male gaze.
The slow tempos emphasised lushness and intensity in the second movement, but made the third movement allegretto rather too grand - and so pre-empted and diluted the effect of the grand chorale in the finale.
Drought-tolerant yuccas and acacias provide shade and add lushness without requiring much tending.
The string arrangements are heavenly, her voice is gorgeous and the song-writing sits somewhere between the lushness of Norah Jones and the quirkiness of Joanna Newsom.
Reviews were mixed, though London's Sunday Times hailed it as grand opera "in the ambition of its theme, in the lushness of its post-romantic idiom and in its sheer dimensions.
She said: "I love the whole of it - it's lovely to look at, the green-ness and lushness of it.
Images of leaves on the ice floor create the lushness of a tropical forest for the Jungle Cruise, and black lights for The Haunted Mansion give a ghostly feel.