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It's impressionistic, in the popular sense, it's all light and mood too, but Bodman always knows when to pull back from too much lushness.
Images of leaves on the ice floor create the lushness of a tropical forest for the Jungle Cruise, and black lights for The Haunted Mansion give a ghostly feel.
Many of them reflect the depth and lushness that Merlot is known for in other parts of the world.
The balmy lushness of Keep doing the thing which one wants to do very hard, 2006--Rae has a penchant for the pseudotropical--seems to mock the promise of happiness that Stendhal thought art offered.
But it might be surprising what you do get, in terms of diversity and lushness.
Another illustration portrays families navigating their carts through one of the numerous rivers and streams that the pioneers crossed, the lushness of the trees on the banks the color of Indian summer.
We divided the play into three seasons--spring, all innocence, energy and the lushness of a verdant forest (as in the photo on the right).
Even when Biju calls home from New York City, we can smell the humid air over the telephone line, we can picture the green-black lushness, "the plumage of banana, the stark spear of the cactus, the delicate gestures of ferns; he could hear the croak trrrr whonk, wee wee butt ock butt ock of frogs in the spinach, the rising note welding imperceptibly with the evening.
Conductor Richard Farnes and orchestra create a mood of romantic lushness while deftly leaving headroom for singers.
Here's a new image of the 50+ age woman: someone who enjoys her lushness and gets the most out of life.
A healthy, active body is like dark, living loam, a place where ideas and feelings can thrive, a place that fosters tranquility, balance, and lushness.