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Never did I witness such a malign lust for blood as these demons of the outer air evinced in their mad battle with the therns.
It is as though they but utilized the race as playthings, with which they satisfy their ferocious lust for fighting; and from whom they collect toll in arms and ammunition and in prisoners."
The lust for power in the mere gambling and winning was metamorphosing into the lust for power in order to revenge.
10 (ANI): After West Bengal Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee accused the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) of subverting democracy and launched the 'BJP Quit India Movement,' the saffron party on Thursday lashed out at the former, stating that they are sure to expose her "lust for power."
The title of album is 'Lust for Life.' The album debuts 13 songs, five of them were released which are; Lust for Life, Love, Coachella, Cherry and Summer Bummer.
Taking some time off between the release of her last record, the singer will return in May with fifth studio album, "Lust For Life." Before the album releases, here are a few things you need to know about it:
The only reason we aren't all fat and stupid and lazy is because being fat and stupid and lazy leaves you vulnerable to being the object of someone else's lust for sex and violence."
The combination of her lust for soju and her independence from bachelorette life both work against Jack's insecurities, and his longing for her to be a "family" woman.
To me, one thing alone is clear My lust for you endures my dear!
There are many kinds of lust in the IT universe - lust for power or for position.
PPP believes in rule of law and it has no lust for power, he said.
In response to Auden's review of LotR, Tolkien comments that Sauron "went further than human tyrants in pride and the lust for domination" (Letters 243).