lust for

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Olgiati told the publication that Gaddafi was driven solely by his lust for power.
I long for you day and night And when we're together, it feels just right Your lust for me is pure delight
In response to Auden's review of LotR, Tolkien comments that Sauron "went further than human tyrants in pride and the lust for domination" (Letters 243).
He said: "It's awesome the Lust for Life garden won a silver medal.
The Children's Society Garden centres around an arc of water, which will be programmed to the beat of the Lust for Life single.
If the beltway league were honest, it would admit that Bush is no conservative and that his programs and policies are leftist, but they also lust for power, and so they keep up the facade.
The photos in "Love & Lust" are a record not only of Donna Ferrato's perspective on the worlds of love and lust around her, but also of her very personal 30-year journey to rediscover and redefine both love and lust for herself--after, she says frankly, "failing to be a faithful wife.
America's foremost rogue-genius architect had many passions, and right up there with his adoration of landscape, his lust for women, and his vaunted narcissism was his love of Japan.
I thought for a moment and then said, "I love you and I lust for you.
A year ago their lust for each other got the better of them.
Where in this theophany, this vaulting lust for immortality, will a seeker such as I come on a face, like a torch beating its way through darkness, wearing a smile of joy?
That idea is summed up in the first sentence of chapter 5, which tells the story of how the lust for spices led, centuries down the road, to smart bombs: "The marketplace has a profound effect on how change comes about.