lust for money

See: greed
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Poor people usually have a lust for money and this lust provokes them to do crime.
The traders are playing havoc with the pockets of common man with scaling up prices of all food items, groceries, vegetables in order to satiate their lust for money minting and growing billionaires overnight.
While reiterating the resolve to eliminate corruption, the President said it was necessary to seriously evaluate the reasons behind that social evil, adding that history showed that lust for money when rooted in the psyche of people and the powerful segments of society, who then flaunt laws and create an enabling environment for it.
History shows that these social evils were based on greed and lust for money and led to lawlessness, nepotism and growing desires, said the president, adding that Pakistan came into being under a grand universal philosophy the purpose of which was to provide justice to the people of the country," read the message.
The lust for money becomes even more exciting as the rich play to their strengths to evade the law and stay above board.
Her death 100 years ago this week set the seal on her reputation as the ultimate femme fatale; the woman who abandoned her children to satisfy her lust for money, men and fame before her treachery killed thousands of soldiers.
Theatre For Love Or Money, on tour THIS comically tangled tale of lust for money has been adapted from 18th century France to 1920s Yorkshire by writer Blake Morrison.
A tangled tale of lust for money, its message is that greed is timeless - every character is obsessed with getting rich fast (with no regard for morality or legality).
Millions pouring by way grants for research and development into possible cures and antidotes for the assortment of unexplained diseases thus becomes irrelevant considering that the avalanche of miseries piled on mankind is a 'boon' that only exemplifies the greed of a few unscrupulous who have no compunction over sacrificing human lives to satisfy their lust for money.
The lust for money and power has put Pakistan in a precarious situation.
Sir William Heron was a man solely motivated by his lust for money.
Adding that Maulana lust for money and power will never satisfied and will always use back door channel for taking money and provide support to Mian Muhammad Nawaz Sharif.