lust for money

See: greed
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He said it undermines the rule of law, destroys the values and promotes materialism and lust for money.
He looks at how unstable work lives in the 1970s drove the 80s' lust for money.
The unconscientious transporters, swayed by the lust for money, pushed up the fares by many times.
The late theologian William Stringfellow insisted that those who dare to accept and to live the life set forth in the Great Sermon must enter into the politics of the kingdom, which urges us to set aside the lust for money and for goods that is so central to our own capitalist society, and seek first the kingdom of God (An Ethic for Christians and Other Aliens in a Strange Land.
The transporters start charging the commuters particularly on inter city routes four fold than the original fare in their lust for money minting on the eve of Eid.
Porous territorial borders and lust for money among junior and senior police brass and immigration officers have been a blessing to global terrorists and evil agents to enter this country freely through the power of their pockets.
Wars, violence, economic conflicts that hit the weakest, a lust for money, for power, corruption, divisions, crimes against human life and against creation," he said.
The love of domination and control and the lust for money and power over other people and nations have been a common objective for all of these civilizations, with only slight differences in execution.
Islamabad, May 16 ( ANI ): Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf's (PTI) Deputy General Secretary Imran Ismail has said that the lust for money has made the government blind.
Now, as evil Newman begins a 20-year sentence for manslaughter and smuggling, grieving Gretal says: "His lust for money cost a decent man his life.
With the increasing needs, the people's lust for money is growing.
In the final chapter, decisions come to light and readers discover what wins out -- passion for sport or lust for money.