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Likewise, dietary deficiencies that render the coat dull, dry and lusterless can also increase the likelihood of matting.
She avoids polemical discourse and focuses instead on the psychological curveballs pitched at new mothers as well as on how the experience expresses itself through the body: the clenched fists, grinding teeth, slumped shoulders, and lusterless eyes.
In 162 bodies, the corneas were dull, lusterless and opaque with wrinkles on the surface.
nz, after scoring 150 runs (highest score 39) from his previous nine innings in a much-hyped debut season, Anderson, who finally justified his price tag of 866,000 dollars, said that given he thought he would be sent back after a lusterless stint, the match was the perfect timing, both for him and his IPL team.
Donnie Nietes did not have to get rid of the pet python that had crawled with his lusterless world boxing crown through the years.
This type is only available in semigloss and lusterless colors.
So when you walk out toward the lowering back ramp of the plane, like I did, into the Martian air of an Iraqi Spring--and that Martian scene emerges of dust-reddened sun glare over a ragged tarmac cluttered with containers and pallets, and the dead, lusterless white of fine sand and concrete and the dust-white date palms and weeping eucalyptus trees--that strained thread of exhaust fumes becomes a wall of mood-fouling nausea and disconcerting heat that you know will only get worse in the coming weeks.
Follow the steps in TM 1-1520-240-23&P and TM 1-1520-271-23&P Use black lusterless paint, NSN 8010-00-527-2884.
It is a castrative projection of how the relentless passage of time makes the apostate man wrinkled, meagre, and generally lusterless.
Despite the severity of tick infestation, most of the bovine selected were having rough, lusterless skin and hair coat especially where the infestation was more.
Time and time again I've said I'm not content with one thread to make a lusterless dress, and I need lots of them dyed in colors.
Bleistein is a disturbance in the poem and part of this is due to the protean nature within him: another Sweeney-like character, he not only looks like an ape ("A saggy bending of the knees / And elbows, with the palms turned out"), but he also has an eye/I associated with the lowest and simplest form of living matter ("A lusterless protrusive eye / Stares from the protozoic slime") (CPP 40).