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For the longest time the French culture has been depicted as sensual and lustful.
19th century - The Lustful Turk, or Lascivious Scenes From a Harem, was a pre-Victorian epistolary novel first published anonymously in 1828.
Soon after the King returned home, the 2006 Israeli invasion of Lebanon started and before King Abdallah could make a move, the White House sent him a message, alerting him that if he did not accompany Israel and if he did not pressure the Lebanese Hezbollah, the footages of his lustful trip to New York would be released to the media," the source continued.
More than half of workers in East Anglia (56 per cent) claimed to have become involved with a colleague at a Christmas party, making it the most lustful region.
But then you discover this phobia figures big in the sorting out of the nasty, lustful author.
Young girls are caught up in this snare of lustful men who use them like tissue paper and forget they ever met them.
The orchestra sounded sensational under Jesus Lopez-Cobos; during Salome's dance, the symphonic frenzy from the pit won out over the ludicrous striptease by seven lustful men.
Popular understandings of the Gold Rush as a romantic, entrepreneurial, and lustful era conflict with accounts of failure and despair, environmental destruction, and genocide.
Women are proud and men are lustful, according to a report on sin published in the Vatican newspaper, L'Osservatore Romano.
He said: "You don't expect the lustful passion of the early days, but we haven't let it die.