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Now he is giving her physio for her injuries but as she tries to walk, Nicola topples into Dan's arms and a lustful look passes between them.
Local authorities have obtained information about ISIL sex slavery engine by which the terrorist group forcefully take young women from Sunni Arab families in Mosul, and use them for their lustful whims," Kurdistan Democratic Party (KDP) Official from Mosul, Ismat Rajab, told BasNews.
As Stephen's lustful daydreams of Helen spiral, he takes risks to bring about Jamie's downfall.
A lioness without a lion," Layla wrote, which could really be interpreted in two ways: The girl is either lonely and looking for her King of the Jungle to keep her company, or as hundreds of her unimpressed fans read it, she's feeling lustful but there are no men to satisfy her.
Lustful passion also blossoms between Thane and Elin, but Elin hides a dark secret within her own bloodline.
Why not show your home and partner pinks will create a passionate, lustful and petals and accessorise your home in the g Love is in the air.
The original literary piece is full of passion, violence, witty humor, and lustful poetry.
Heath Ledger shows the transformation of a lustful individual, who was abandoned as a child by his mother, after he falls head over heels in love.
The 35-year-old former Pussycat Doll said that she has "had all twelve of the boys" who are in this year's competition, laughing off the claims that she is a sex symbol after many of the male contestants had expressed their lustful intentions for her, Metro.
A series of tableaux show off Bond''''s trademark character traits: by turns lustful, stylish and violent.
A series of tableaux show off Bond''s trademark character traits: by turns lustful, stylish and violent.
If the country sound sleeps, the cruel rulers would perish it for their lustful desires, said popular leader.