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I could not believe it,'' she says of finding out that she was name-checked, somewhat lustfully, in ``Thunder on the Mountain,'' the lead track on the songwriting legend's last album, ``Modern Times.
When a man sets his eyes on the opposite sex lustfully, he will not care whether she is six months old or 92 years old.
And yet even while he is soaring away on that idea; on that vision of himself and the angel Ursula flying off on invisible wings like something Marc Chagall might have painted in hot shades of red and green and blue, he is also thinking lustfully of her, of how he will possess her, squeeze her flesh until she bruises, bite her neck until she cries out, push himself into her and into her until there is no him left, only a profound sensation of pleasure bursting like a firework.
Playing a porn set boom operator, his belly poking porkily from a sweat-stained vest as he gazed lustfully at the leading man, it was not a pretty picture, nor was it one easily forgotten.
Thus instantly does Edward's passion for Jane arise--a "fit" that bereaves him "of all reason" (I, 1800-01) and causes him to pursue her lustfully (at first in disguise) until he has possessed her body like the most desirable "jewell" in her goldsmith's shop or the "ring" on her finger (I, 1877, 1888); the "ring," of course, contains a bawdy pun on pudendum (as in The Merchant of Venice, 5.
James Polk was an expansionist mad lustfully eyed Texas California, and the Oregonland.
But when he begins to look at her lustfully, her mother and brother trigger events which take a tragic turn and Briony is left alone.
In this declaration Amaro's mental dissection of his penitent reduces Amelia to her bodily parts (waist, breasts and eyes) as he lustfully objectifies his confessional subject.
There they put on a touching display of passionate groping and staring lustfully into each other's eyes.
Katurba at the Kroger staring lustfully at the safety razors.
California's prototypical Cabernet Sauvignon, the 2001 Keenan offers pretty ripe fruit aromas and flavors that last long and lustfully on the palate.
Though Blake with his Mind's Eye envisioned Temples built up on the heavenly hills and fields above Marylebone and Islington, corporeal temple builders on earth below lustfully eyed these opening Meadows of Paradise.