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At times, walking in formation through the prison's brick corridors, I can't help but lustfully stare at the undulating butt in front of me.
Much to their surprise, they start to get the attention of the locals with the men staring at them lustfully.
In the extension of this translation, Ndi is able to quip on the dog-like and revolting substance of "orgies"--"bephuzana nangemlomo njengezinja" (literally, lustfully eating and licking each other like dogs).
But you deserve what you get: to be left severely alone" (LCL: 257)--while in the same sarcastic mood, are meant to bring Hilda over the limits of her patience and hasten her departure, as a result of her capitulation in front of Mellor's lustfully obtrusive manliness and determination to seek his own continuity in life.
So to show solidarity with the noble aims of National Stationery Week, I may be spending several days in Rymans or Staples staring lustfully at pens and pads and packs of paper.
I'd ruin Bieber," grins Naomi, lustfully imagining a liaison with the teenage pop sensation.
They demanded to be treated with dignity and that men respect them, rather than looking lustfully at their bodies.
But it's Punch in particular who might truly define Coover as clown: murderously amorous, or lustfully murderous--his nose and stick longer than any simple stand-ups or comedian's.
The delicate and naturalized modelling of the figures and their physiognomy in a verdant, hazy, lustfully textured garden imbues the painting with a spiritually sublime tranquillity and visualizes the literary limits of painted poetry (poesie).
Rulers should not look at women lustfully, but should stick to their jobs and be faithful to their wives.
From the moment that she clearly sees her would-be predator, the nameless blonde in the hospital room switches from defense to offense, murmuring wistfully, breathlessly, lustfully, "Stop.
That was Springheel Jack, a Victorian devil-giant who danced across London, Sheffield and Norfolk rooftops lunging lustfully at women.