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Study 1 provided provisional evidence that women from the United States who were attending college and were between the ages of 30 and 34 were more likely to score higher on measures of lustfulness, seductiveness, and sexual activity (i.
It is this lustfulness, the desire `for freondmynde' (`desire for a friend', line 1831a),(26) of the Egyptians which Abraham had feared originally, and it is `wifmyne' (`lust', line 1861a) and the `haegstealdra wyn' (`joy of the bachelors', line 1862b) which incites God to punish Pharaoh.
If he is not in his best mood he is in his worst--a mood of schoolboy lustfulness.
There's nothing I love more than introducing my friends to the deliciousness and lustfulness of Asian food," she wrote in her Pei Wei blog entry.
Having bolstered his threatened masculinity by fantasizing the widow's lustfulness, the suitor, now a husband, is left with the after-image of that fantasy, a potentially insatiable wife.
He fancies what they represent: looseness, easy availability, coarseness, lustfulness, brazen sexuality.