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But this chasm exists because what is at stake is not juvenile lustfulness but artificiality.
Mendel of Kotzk and the compiler of the Maggid's saying, Elimelech of Lyzhansk, both subscribed to an Augustinian-like view of Adam's downfall: it was not the sexual act but his lustfulness.
Nikolai's adult daughter, Nadezhda, narrates the novel in the first person and satirizes Valentina's absurd, aggressive consumerism and Nikolai's pathetic lustfulness.
In Clemens's case the signs include his alleged lustfulness, as indicated by his concubine and two children, and his stultitia, which, as the personification of "false views," was a sign of the antichrist.
Shaughnessy claims that the original casting of Ann Stephen as Craig and her representation of the male characters, who suggest a "subtle disavowal of heterosexuality" because of their a-sexuality, impotence or lustfulness, help to contribute to the play's Sapphic undertones (Shaughnessy 40 and 183-84).
As such they will prevent having their lives dictated by irrational appetites like envy and lustfulness.
In the introduction, novelist Rick Moody explains how the descriptions are interpretations of historical characters rather than straight history, and how the work falls somewhere between history and poetry, as exemplified in Williams' focus on Aaron Burr's lustfulness and Edgar Allan Poe's marriage to his young cousin.
However, if my previous argument that Grass's "private" private biography is as central to his fictional universe as his "political" private biography (his admiration for Hitler, and so on) is accepted, then surely Oskar's conceit, Pilenz's spite, Mahlke's exhibitionism, Amsel's exaggerations, Starusch's lustfulness, and the greed of the narrator of Der Butt--to invoke but a few of the flaws displayed by only some of Grass's characters--no longer appear merely as whimsical allusions to the author's (larger-than-life) imperfections, or simply as causes for why this or that individual may have succumbed to Nazism.
Attracted physically to the lovely Frau Chauchat, he swings between lustfulness and erudition without nurturing his creative side, even when inspired by love in the snow scene and once again powerfully when listening to Schubert's Linden Tree.
In Vivien Tennyson gives Enid's antithesis: "the evil genius of the Round Table--who in her lustfulness of the flesh could not believe in anything either good or great.
In the same play, when Iuventus has fallen into lustfulness and Abhominable Living appears, Hypocrisy addresses her as 'Unknown Honesty' (p.