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Were applauded, praised, heralded, lustily cheered.
Locally it will be celebrated lustily, not least at Thursday's Opening Ceremony party.
The 25-year-old Maxwell hit a rapid-fire 93 off 46 balls before being caught in the deep as he swung lustily trying to hit a third successive six.
She ordered food -- real food -- and she ate lustily.
Of course, it may be looking lustily at Pakistan for marketing its merchandise and getting some goods and raw materials, particularly quality rock for cement manufacturing, from here at cheaper rates for its construction industry.
The crowd cheered lustily as he delivered his punchlines.
Whenever I passed by the area, along with my six-year-old daughter, I would find a bearded man, seemingly, a drug addict, eyeing her lustily.
The following tunes were lustily evoked and sung: 73b, 479, 47b, 133, 276, 82a, 59, 155, 159, 45, 44, 148, 86, 146, 434, 105, 524, 128, and 163.
With the order sizes as they currently are Norma can lustily sending over a container every month which will keep stock levels up with the distributors.
Rarelywillawinnerbe roared home so lustily, buttrainerMick Flannery wasn't accepting any ofthecreditasthesonofMarignan wasonlyhavinghissecondrun forthestablehavingarrivedfrom NoelMeade.
Crisci lustily admitted he'd sacked seven in a month from a staff of just18.