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When Joseph arrived, he smiled lasciviously at a female police officer who was sitting behind a glass window and continued to lustily stare at her and laugh maniacally until she called for other police to help, reported China Times.
Kamlon continued to swing lustily while Tajwinder Singh set his stall to play a substantial innings.
We all enjoyed lustily joining in with familiar carols, although balance between the young choir and orchestra was occasionally at odds (better clarity of words?) with more sensitive phrasing please.
He will, of course, build it, and there is reason to believe that, once he has done so, his public will cheer and chant still more lustily, thrilled to discover that here, at last, is a leader who fulfills his promises, and thrilled at the wall itself, and thrilled at the chilly message his wall will send to Muslims and any number of other people, not excluding the half of America that did not vote for Donald Trump.
The black country blues guitar goddess's fifth album is a roofraising triumph with songs that range from tight and tender (I Wish I Could Wish You Back), to lustily determined (Get You Back).
The reverse was stunning since the Texan was booed lustily during a floor speech at his party's convention for urging Republicans to "vote your conscious" without naming Mr Trump.
Ed Barnard struck out lustily to move his side into an 11-run lead before his sliced drive against Stevens flew to Alex Gidman at short third man to end the Worcestershire innings soon after noon.
Right from the first bell, at which he had been lustily booed, Ali bounced on the balls of his feet and proceeded to dart out of Williams' reach.
Only the willow took root and grew lustily while sweet peas and beans dwindled.
Now, I might give them "knowing a rook from a crow", "singing lustily in church" and even "would not go to Puerto Rico." But the magazine's "can undo a bra with one hand" is another matter.
With "Vikings" lustily pillaging its way through History, "The Last Kingdom"--a BBC America drama that covers very similar terrain--initially seems a trifle superfluous.