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He always stressed the performances of the actors, particularly the brilliantly earthy and ageless Marie Mullen, who along with the others created what he called "a salty mediaeval lustiness that made Synge's texts so vividly alive.
As rude country wench Audrey, Janet Greaves brings a West Country lustiness that seems to be a warm-spirited nod to the production's original home in Bath.
Wooing the princess Katherine after his victory at Agincourt, Hal, now King Henry V, retains a certain lustiness, joking that his bride "must .
Instead Ariosto's knight "relapses" into lustiness once more in the very next scene.
Othello fixes on her moist palm, and the heat of her hand signals her lustiness, the literal heat of passion: "This argues fruitfulness and liberal heart.
In short, an innocent black boy's feelings of impotence, to borrow from Wells's anti-lynching rhetoric, can be attributed to his encounter with two "unmanly" and "unrestrained" white men who revel in their own lustiness.
Charles Olson La Chute my drum, hollowed out through the thin slit, carved from the cedar wood, the base I took when the tree was felled o my lute, wrought from the tree's crown my drum, whose lustiness was not to be resisted my lute, from whose pulsations not one could turn away They are where the dead are, my drum fell where the dead are, who will bring it up, my lute who will bring it up where it fell in the face of them where they are, where my lute and drum have fallen?
In the Amero-European world of the late-eighteenth and the early-nineteenth centuries, an earlier notion of womens natural lustiness was transformed into the myth of feminine modesty.