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It was a political inquisition that lustrated even deceased people although the purpose of the process was keeping the real informers from the past from exerting any influence on today's social processes," Pivovarov said.
I have never had any intention to contribute to someone's being lustrated based on no evidence, least when fellow journalists were concerned.
Four institutions have so far honored the decision of the commission and relieved the persons in question from duty, while 25 lustrated persons resigned their public offices voluntarily.
Journalists have different views on whether they should be lustrated.
In Vreme, Zaneta Kose estimates that there are no dilemmas whether the constitutional judges and the president of the country should be lustrated.
However, experts say this does not mean the lustrated should be laid off from their present jobs.
At the moment, one former ambassador and one high state official are being lustrated, and the journalists next, who are obligated to submit a statement that they never cooperated with the secret services in the period between 1 December - 31 January.
The can-celled provisions pertain to the categories of people that need to be lustrated, as well as the timeframe of lustration, which, according to the Constitutional Court, should refer solely to the period until 1991.
The parliamentary group of VMRO-DPMNE is offering a completely new lustration law, proposing that persons that acquired capital in publically owned companies, under the law on transformation of publically owned capital, should be lustrated too, Utrinski vesnik reports.