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Thanks to the Commission's eternal chair, Tome Adziev, the process of lustration produced new victims instead of rehabilitating the victims of the previous system," said Gesoski.
Following inspections I urge the Head of the State Fiscal Service to immediately fulfill the lustration law and dismiss 42% of the central apparatus of the State Fiscal Service, as well as 15% of the apparatus of regional branches of the SFS under the law," he stressed.
This article uses a quantitative perspective to test a recent argument that the persistent effects of institutional legacies of religion affect the scope of current actions and account for lustration in contemporary politics.
In order to answer the second question, she uses a statistical model based on survey data to show that demand from the electorate cannot explain the adoption of lustration policies.
Studies on the status of lustration in Eastern Europe are limited to attempts at dealing with the past and in-depth analyses of legal deficiencies.
It seems that the Lustration Commission has become the ideal place for re-activating the somewhat forgotten political events.
Although no inherent relationship exists between lustration and occupation, the evolution of the latter in the international system points to an emergent relationship.
Czechoslovakia adopted a stringent lustration code after the Parliament appointed a Commission of 20 of its members to investigate the November 17, 1989, incident in which many Czech students were injured and beaten under the old regime.
In addition, they emphasize the fact that the Lustration Law expires after five years and that it applies only to those seeking or holding policy-making positions.
It's unacceptable to me that we should elect Dauti, a member of the lustration commission, who has been involved in lustrating journalists.
The conclusion of the State Fiscal Service after receiving this package, counting and checking: the Prime Minister meets the Law of Ukraine on lustration, passed the check," he said.
The movement will demand "creation of a filter to exclude officials overstaying in public service" through adoption of the law on lustration by the Parliament, he said.