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in East Aurora, NY, said that while soft maple may not finish as lustrously as hard maple, the soft maple trees offer some very dramatic figure types, particularly curly figures, making them an affordable and attractive option.
Control": I've always been a total Dylan freak, but I knew absolutely nothing about Joy Division's Ian Curtis and his music until this terribly poignant, lustrously black- and-white first feature introduced me to them, photographer-turned-director Anton Corbijn and the most naturally compelling British actor I've met in ages, Sam Riley.
As one who grew up admiring lustrously finished handguns in display cases as a child but is stuck with what's available today as an adult, I tend to believe that if the pricing gap between plastic and metal handguns was reduced significantly, you might see a shift in demand from the combat Tupperware back to the traditional all-metal models.
The star of Bonhams' 6 December offering was another royal portrait--royal in that it once belonged to George v, King of Hanover--Jan Lievens's lustrously tressed young girl in profile (Fig.
The failing light and gloomy words of the Emperor ("the discourse ended almost in darkness" [214]) give way to a color already associated with Faustina in her red shadow ("at no time had the winter roses from Carthage seemed more lustrously yellow and red" [215]).
1658) is one of his last paintings, lustrously half-recollected from his tour of the Lower Rhine, before he mysteriously gave up painting for the last thirty years of his life.
His full fine eyes were lustrously intellectual, and beaming (at that time
Shoes had to be shined so lustrously the owner could see the reflection of her face.
theme: a lustrously polished skull, counterpart to the skeletal or
Strangely, the most lustrously glamourous woman of all, Marilyn Monroe, doesn't figure in the top 100.
There's a lot of pawing going on in the Metropolitan Opera's current "Don Giovanni," the lustrously cast opening-night attraction of the new season.