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The failing light and gloomy words of the Emperor ("the discourse ended almost in darkness" [214]) give way to a color already associated with Faustina in her red shadow ("at no time had the winter roses from Carthage seemed more lustrously yellow and red" [215]).
Studio Fix Fluid SPF 15 - A new foundation with a velvet finish that makes skin look and feel like satin; Chromeglass for lustrously brilliant lip shine; Sundressing an amazing new bronzing body makeup mouse; Zoomlash Mascara and Fluid Line for dramatic lashed and all-night liner, and the perfect finishing touch, Blot Films for the handbag.
1658) is one of his last paintings, lustrously half-recollected from his tour of the Lower Rhine, before he mysteriously gave up painting for the last thirty years of his life.
His full fine eyes were lustrously intellectual, and beaming (at that time
Shoes had to be shined so lustrously the owner could see the reflection of her face.
So maybe the point was to encourage viewers to scrutinize the subtleties in the original drawings--to savor, for instance, careful archipelagoes of Wite-Out, lost in reproduction and now lustrously visible?
Strangely, the most lustrously glamourous woman of all, Marilyn Monroe, doesn't figure in the top 100.
Looking at his inspired Charlie Chaplin revue--with its lustrously persuasive performances from Khalfouni and, particularly, Bonino, who is Chaplin to the life--I felt a huge sweep of gratitude for the animateur who had made all this possible.
Nevertheless, even though "Long Story" has the potential to be something a lot more than a lustrously crafted melodrama with a seductive kind of nostalgia, it chooses to row its boat in a pond while it could have roamed in a stormy sea.
Despite soprano Sarah-Jane Brandon's lustrously polished singing and clear diction this was a reading of care and caution, rather than passion.