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Prognosis of luxated permanent teeth --the development of pulp necrosis.
restored vitality in luxated teeth assessed by Laer Doppler flowmetry.
The immobilization splint should be designed in such a way as to hold the luxated tooth in place and not to interfere with occlusion.
This intervention has mainly been used for ankylosed permanent incisors that previously have been traumatically luxated and whose extraction would result in deterioration in the bone height and width.
In fact, it was also reported in the literature that teeth with root fractures have a greater possibility of maintaining a vital dental pulp than luxated teeth without fracture [Gorduysus et al.
Root fractures occur most frequently in the middle or the apical third of the root with a coronal fragment extruded or luxated.
2006d] similarily described how the size of the apical foramen is the strongest healing predictor for the pulp in luxated teeth, while contusion of the apical part of the pulp in mature teeth reduced the chance of revascularisation.
Prognosis of luxated permanent teeth--the development of pulp necrosis.