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Acetabulum and femoral head were inspected, and the joint fibrin debris was gently removed, which allowed manual reduction of the luxation.
The reason for this lies in the fact that up to now a long period from previous primary arthroplasty procedures has passed, life span has extended, and the higher number of procedures results in the higher number of local complications such as prostheses luxation, infections, etc.
No treatment was advised in cases of exophthalmos, luxation of lens and posterior synechia.
Intervertebral complete luxations often result in sudden death so no cervical imaging is performed in these cases.
Other causes of secondary glaucoma include cataracts, injuries, cancers within the eye and slippage of the lens known as luxation.
Coffee has a coxofemoral (hip) joint luxation that can only be corrected by surgery.
Intrusive luxation of tooth due to bite block after oral endotracheal intubation.
Enamel defects commonly seen on permanent teeth suggest that luxation of primary teeth is common.
Furthermore dental luxation and severe attrition are normally found.