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The belief that where large quadrupeds exist, the vegetation must necessarily be luxuriant, is the more remarkable, because the converse is far from true.
If we speculate on the condition of the vegetation during these epochs we are at least bound so far to consider existing analogies, as not to urge as absolutely necessary a luxuriant vegetation, when we see a state of things so totally different at the Cape of Good Hope.
Furthermore, the lavish employment of metallic gold, copper, and silver paint in decorative patterns reminiscent of peacock feathers and butterfly wings evokes the luxuriant yet neurasthenic vitalism of Klimt--that seductive combination of imagistic succulence and spatial brittleness that gave the Viennese master's work both fascination and creepiness.
Although slightly daunting in their raw state, these form pergolas for planting, which when fully established, will generate a luxuriant covering of greenery, so that the house merges with the landscape.
Decide yourself, when the artist's luxuriant, surreal inventions metamorphose their way up the Guggenheim spiral this fall.
Bladen begins to come into his own, it would seem, in the large-scale allover paintings he executed in the late '50s, whose luxuriant, tarry surfaces, spread like butter, suggest a Still disciple gone wild (in some works, the paint is a full inch thick).
After some four years, the planting is now fully established, creating a luxuriant green screen that has been calculated to reduce solar gain by 60 per cent.
The central hubs take the form of inverted cones open to the sky, filled with luxuriant greenery, like fragments of rainforest.