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My partner Trilby James and I like to read and luxuriate as we eat, meaning breakfast usually turns to lunch.
So why not relax and luxuriate in this naughty gin and tonic cake, which is also a great excuse to try some of our many award-winning artisan gins.
They can explore and luxuriate on the yacht, and enjoy it all during the 2-hour cruise on the San Francisco Bay.
no, the video game FIFA not the organisation, then go to the above website and luxuriate in the football games 'what we played'.
The perfectly cool year-round climate, even in summer, makes it a breeze to enjoy Hokkaidos famed seafood and agricultural produce, luxuriate in the freedom of self-drive tours, and appreciate its wealth of natural wonders like the renowned flower fields.
The milestone announced in a blog post on Instagram's site shows a five-year-old social network that continues to luxuriate in reliably steady growth.
Chasing down your career goals takes persistence (and incredible resilience), but it's all worth it once you find your place where, like Dudley Williams, you can just luxuriate in the joy of dancing.
I thought, surely this book will enjoy its protagonist's misogyny; surely such a book will not be able to help but luxuriate in the horrific little ways its small hero finds to degrade women.
"We are confident that our patrons flying to and from Delhi and Bengaluru routes will luxuriate in the enhanced travel experience on-board the Qatar Airways' Dreamliner."
Guests can enjoy afternoon tea in the iconic Palm Court, dine in the exquisite Grand Ballroom and luxuriate in the soothing vinotherapy spa.
Yet for all his great achievements over the past year, which were launched by his unparalleled performance at the SCG, Clarke refuses to luxuriate in his success.
Recruit 28 scholars to dissect the histories of their 28 homelands and luxuriate in the results.