luxuriate in

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In a corner, the best player in baseball used to luxuriate in style before games.
After a day of exploring the island, travelers can luxuriate in one of its many first-class spas.
GET a good night's sleep or just have a lazy Sunday lie-in and luxuriate in this ultra stylish Bari leather bed (half price at pounds 299,or pounds 269.
Everyone else can simply luxuriate in the complex highlife rhythms, gravelly low harmonies, and quiet lyrical maturity of "I Saw a Bird Fly Away," or in the heartbreakingly sweet declarations of romantic devotion on "The One Who Knows," or in the sturdy rock 'n' roll of "Your Fire Your Soul.
Dragon lovers will luxuriate in the imaginative and fully developed lore.
Far from seeking an escape from this modern world of machines and technology, Tolkien buffs luxuriate in its offerings.
We can no longer afford to luxuriate in insipid gamesmanship.
Spindles offer a superb heated swimming pool, the opportunity to luxuriate in a relaxing Jacuzzi and the chance to de-stress after a hard day using Spindles' steam and sauna room.
Will moviegoers still show up to vicariously luxuriate in her filmic romance with a man?
It has become acceptable to luxuriate in the flesh of strangers.
And, of course, there was the Mir disaster, which allowed us to relive Apollo 13 (the movie) and luxuriate in our familiar contempt for the former Soviet Union -- "a country that doesn't even exist anymore," Newsweek reminded us, with a "space agency so impoverished it has sublet part of its mission-control building to a store that sells fighting fixtures.
But instead of linglering to luxuriate in the embrace and release her eggs, she immediately hops away -- with her lover still clinging -- in search of a more perfect pond for pairing.