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The miserable little creature luxuriated in his moments of stolen happiness with a speechless and stealthy delight which was a new sensation to him.
The charm, the insidious magic in which he had luxuriated, were suddenly gone; his feeling had become one of friendly respect, and to his great pleasure he found himself thinking spontaneously of the relief of finding himself alone in his room that night.
Watching how he luxuriated in the joy of the choreography, it was the first time I truly realized how dance could transcend virtuosity.
There isn't a player in the game who loves being the centre of attention more, and I hope to God he luxuriated in the glory.
On a recent trip, guests escorted by Admiral Travel of Sarasota luxuriated in rooms that open directly to their own private swimming pool.
About half the panelists luxuriated in the bold hop character, while the other half wanted a bit more malt in the mix.