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VALE councillors sit in their stately offices, luxuriating in splendid comfort and ample amenities up to five-star standard with expenses second-to-none and the occasional banquet or two - and that's when they attend!
THE Government accuse the indigent workless of luxuriating at home while others work - have they forgotten that they've introduced the Work Programme, where they earn the pittance of PS71 per week?
Luxuriating in her fading moneyed world and regardless of the increasingly hostile forces outside, she and her brother snub the lucrative scheme of Lopakhin, a peasant turned entrepreneur, to save the family estate.
The Mavala canal down the centuries has washed over the burial places of our ancestors and flowed into the sea but now very submissively she will change her course thanks to our engineers and flow into the fields luxuriating them said Minister Dullas Allahaperuma at Urugamuwa ,Dickwella in the Matara District.
With The Interrogative Mood Powell has discovered an airtight alibi for luxuriating in the creation of elegant and surprising sentences.
Just down the road, there's the Afghan family of single mother Toorpakai Saindi and her seven children, luxuriating in a pounds 1.2million pad that cost her council pounds 12,000 a month.
I'm really looking forward to relaxing and luxuriating in the coming together of work by two very different creative figures, particularly in surroundings as striking as Glasgow University.
The package concludes with a tasting of 'green tea wrapped into 24ct golden leaves' from the French tea house Mariage FrE res along with a homemade macaroon topped with gold that guests may enjoy while luxuriating in the spa lounge.
But Singapore Airlines will have just 471 - with first-class passengers luxuriating in special suites with double beds and 23in TV screens.
But the reality is more complicated, and often enough we are still buying milk from a cow that doesn't enjoy luxuriating on a grassy pasture; "organic," "free-range," and "sustainably farmed" have become advertising labels.
In such elegant surroundings, MacKenzie reins in the histrionics that could make him wail like the feral child of David Bowie and Maria Callas, instead luxuriating in 13 selections' nuances, elongating songs like a seasoned jazz pro.
There's something vaguely sad about all this, a luxuriating in impasse that might be an especially telling sign of the times.