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The exhibition - event is organized in cooperation with the company Fixed Transports SA (STASY) and is part of the overall effort of the Ministry of Education, Research and Religious Affairs to upgrade Vocational Education and Training (VET) and in particular the role of Vocational Lyceum in our education system.
FOLLOWING the third day of class abstentions at the Kykkos lyceum in Paphos, parents of the Nikolaideio gymnasium's students, who are being housed in the same building, said yesterday that their children would not attend the school until a solution is found.
The Kykkos students said on Monday that they would abstain from class until the Education ministry reversed a decision to close down the lyceum, which will continue to operate as the Nikolaideio gymnasium.
The centers are aimed to advise school leavers on the profession selection; to inform them about departments of lyceums and colleges; to provide information booklets, etc.
The counseling centers will be headed by directors of lyceum or college, and consist of psychologists and experienced teachers of educational institutions.
After the war, lyceums were a venue for traveling entertainers and minstrel shows as well as notable speakers of the day.
Most recently, Angela Ray's (2005) work, The Lyceum and Public Culture in the Nineteenth-Century United States, places case studies of particular lyceums within a broader discourse about oratory and rhetoric during the nineteenth-century.
With the National Apartment Association's Leadership Lyceum program completing its third year, local NAA apartment affiliates are realizing the benefits of bringing this concept to their memberships.
Most lyceums that began sponsoring members' debates in the 1820s, 1830s, and early 1840s experienced cycles of interest and disinterest, and many groups survived only briefly.
A lyceum was a system of adult education through lectures by noted persons.
This is the heart of the changes in public education, from kindergarten to lyceum," Demetriou said.
While in Limassol, Demetriou also announced final plans for the replacement of the current high school system with a new type of lyceum and approach to education, scheduled to be introduced in the next academic year.