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In all cases, the team found that lying took longer than telling the truth.
A recent study showed that lying was more common in phone calls than in face-to-face chats.
They become caught in a delusional world where fact and fiction become blurred and their lying holds them captive," he adds.
There may be some truth to this, but I think Alterman may have attributed a sophistication to presidential lying that simply does not exist.
When Hurston claims that "anybody whose mouth is cut cross-ways is given to lying" (Dust Tracks 192), she does not clarify whether that lying is with an intent to entertain through exaggeration or to deceive through misrepresentation.
Sister Terressa later appeared before the Minnesota Supreme Court with her case, which resulted in the outlawing of many devices that purport to detect lying.
We no longer, for example, evaluate an EKG of the heart with the patient lying statically in bed.
Lying about Lying Either more people think their fellow Americans are dishonest than they actually are, or fewer are willing to fess up to fibbing are actually doing so.
Washington, September 26 (ANI): Lying by politicians has emerged as a burning debate topic from time to time, and a recent poll by a TV show also suggested that the average person lies 42 times a week.
It is unfortunate that many individuals don't understand the difference between lying under oath and lying.
The Scruples and Lies Survey 2002, which interviewed 5,000 women in their mid-30s across Britain, found a shocking 97pc of Welsh women admitted telling little white lies while more than a third admitting to lying every day.
1] Although detecting deception remains difficult, investigators increase the odds for success by learning a few basic nonverbal and verbal cues indicative of lying.