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TO LIE. That which is proper, is fit; as, an action on the case lies for an injury committed without force; corporeal hereditaments lie in livery, that is, they pass by livery; incorporeal hereditaments lie in grant, that is, pass by the force of the grant, and without any livery. Vide Lying in grant.

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Lie and continue to lie, and even when you are caught, keep lying to the end.
According to a ground breaking book by author Sisela Bok published in 1978 "Lying: Moral choice in public and private life" There are many reasons why people think lying is wrong.
One could take the view that championing lying, as Sara does, is hard-as-nails pragmatism.
Milan said police interviewers could one day combine current methods with images from a thermal camera to help catch lying criminals.
Sisella Bok, author of a major philosophical book on the subject of lying, defines a lie as: an intentionally deceptive message in the form of a statement .BBC's ethics guide states why lying is so damaging for a society.
The past form is lied (sentence 4) and the progressive (or continuous) form is lying (sentence 5).
In these situations, lying has become a habit, perhaps as a way of dealing with low self-esteem or past trauma.
In addition to lying to journalists, then, Rogers lied about journalists.
Gender differences in lying behavior have aroused the interest of many researchers (Engels et al., 2006).
Ghulam Murtaza Metlo has been transferred from Karachi (East) to Jacobabad against the post lying vacant.
Half-Truths and Brazen Lies: An Honest Look at Lying