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Food and Drug Administration in March 2008 for the treatment for chronic lymphatic leukemia and in October the same year for the treatment of relapsed indolent B-cell non-Hodgkin's lymphoma.
The drug is used to treat acute lymphatic leukemia.
Chronic Lymphatic Leukemia Research Fund, LIJMC, Attention: Dr.
Lymphatic leukemia risk was not associated with the number or timing of ultrasound exams, reported Dr.
Twenty-two genes were also found to be the genetic causes of such disorders as chronic and acute lymphatic leukemia, cataracts, malignant tumors in bones and familial neurofibroma.
This may result from suppression of the immune system (as in the case of AIDS), cancer of the lymphatic system (such as Hodgkin's disease), or lymphatic leukemia.
Marlen has a life-threatening autoimmune disorder, Charles has Hodgkin's lymphoma, and Joshua has acute lymphatic leukemia.