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Caption: Figure 3: Microscopically, diffusely scattered tumor aggregates, extensive fibrosis, marked lymphocytic infiltration with formation of lymphoid follicles, and abundant psammoma bodies (a) were evident against a background of Hashimoto's thyroiditis (b) (Hematoxylin & Eosin stain x40).
Coronary artery involvement of IgG4-related disease has been demonstrated in several previous case reports: coronary artery luminal narrowing, presumably of an atherosclerotic nature, may occur at the site of a coronary artery surrounded by thickened or tumefactive adventitia with IgG4-positve lymphocytic infiltration, (2) as in the case described by Patel et al.
The ultrasound imaging of the salivary gland showed its enlargement, inhomogeneous parenchymal echostructure, with multiple tiny, oval, hypoechoic areas corresponding to the foci of lymphocytic infiltration and dilated salivary ducts.
Lymphocytic infiltration was also observed in hepatic parenchyma which was not breaking the limiting plate and gave the appearance of chronic persistent hepatitis.
Lymphocytic infiltration in the chicken trachea in response to Mycoplasma gallisepticum infection.
Multifocal areas of edema, fibrinoid necrosis, and lymphocytic infiltration also were observed (Figure).
The condition has a nonspecific inflammatory pattern, and there may be perivascular lymphocytic infiltration in the upper and middle dermis.
The possible role for the immune system in regulation of cancer progression and in prognosis has long been implied by the observation of lymphocytic infiltration within some cancers being associated with better clinical outcome.
Oxidized TPO and Tg elicit an autoimmune reaction with production of antibodies against these altered proteins with subsequent damage to the apical membrane of the thyroid cells, resulting in the lymphocytic infiltration and in the clinical manifestations of Hashimoto's thyroiditis.
Histologic examination revealed extensive multifocal perivascular lymphocytic infiltration in brain; marked heterophilic hyperplasia in bone marrow; and multifocal interstitial lymphocytic infiltration in heart, pancreas, ventriculus, and skeletal muscles.

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