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Wells's statements emphasize the kind of work and the amount of truth-telling necessary to challenge segregation and lynch law.
Wells-Barnett's Southern Horrors: Lynch Law in all its Phases (1892), provides an analysis that places the construction of white womanhood as central to the logic of lynching to suggest the ways in which gender and sexuality are implicated in race politics.
The South would employ the lynch law -- the lynching of Negroes to preserve its way of life as much as possible.
More charitably, I read her as a white, well-connected woman willfully misrepresenting Ida and playing a womanly possum vis-a-vis the implicit lynch law agency of white American womanhood.
In that environment, distinctions between vigilante bands and government, between lynch law and trial by jury, are empty scholasticism.
America's Deep South lynch law came to South Wales, white mobs attacked lodging houses occupied by black men who replied with revolver fire before being dragged out.
As a result, Burdett concludes A Test of Lynch Law "with a short story that fictionalized Smith's murder, to imagine an outcome that could restore his own and his readers' faith in democratic justice" (39).
The frequent and increasing resort to lynch law in our Southern States, in dealing with alleged offenses by negroes, marked as it is by features of cruelty which might well shock the sensibility of the most benighted savages, will not fail to attract the attention and animadversion of visitors to the World's Columbian Exposition.
When people begin to believe that organized society is unwilling or unable to impose upon criminal offenders the punishment they "deserve," then there are sown the seeds of anarchy--of self help, vigilante justice, and lynch law.
His devious scheme almost sparked lynch law and broke Angela's heart.
Paramilitaries are most to be feared not when they hate the government but when they are its allies, as when the Ku Klux Klan dominated Democratic politics in the South from the era of lynch law to the early 1960s.
Simultaneously extending and revising Dixon's assumptions, Native Son demonstrates the legal, and supposedly civilized, methods that have taken lynch law out of the closet.