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Wells links her performances of respectability and womanliness to her segregated experience to expose the irrational logic of lynch law.
The frequent and increasing resort to lynch law in our Southern States, in dealing with alleged offenses by negroes, marked as it is by features of cruelty which might well shock the sensibility of the most benighted savages, will not fail to attract the attention and animadversion of visitors to the World's Columbian Exposition.
His devious scheme almost sparked lynch law and broke Angela's heart.
Simultaneously extending and revising Dixon's assumptions, Native Son demonstrates the legal, and supposedly civilized, methods that have taken lynch law out of the closet.
Tyree's fatalism is grounded in actual experience, and leads him to take on the responsibility of conferring the codes of lynch law to his son.
22) The fictional representations of lynch law reinforce the notion of race solidarity because they present lynchings as a matter of white upon black, of one race versus the other; and while this was indeed primarily and all too often the case in the South at the time, what Hurston demonstrates with the description of white vigilantes ganging up on another white man is the original point of the chapter, that one race does not always stick together, that various members can be at odds with each other, and that a particular kind of situation - like a lynching - does not apply in precisely the same way to only the same victims all the time.
Wells tend to think of a woman of almost mythic proportions, an unflinching anti-lynching activist who challenged new railway segregation laws in the 1880s and won (though the case was soon overturned), who in 1892, the year she began her crusade and published Southern Hotrod: Lynch Law in all its Phases, almost single-handedly turned back the flow of lynchings in the U.
David Colvin of Action on Child Exploitation said: "We want tighter controls, but we're not keen to go down the American road because it does lead to lynch laws.