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The inside was bizarre, very Gothic and from a bygone age, macabre in appearance.
On the contrary, very different intentions--moral, commercial, and personal--lie behind each image and account for the wealth of contextualizing detail that is specific to each: the danse macabre images belong to a long moralizing tradition that, in fact, predates the invention of printing; the Badius devices were produced to mark a book as the product of a particular commercial enterprise; and the Durer drawing was sent to a friend as a sort of humorous, personalized Christmas card.
The story itself has some macabre twists that keep readers guessing.
First, the structure: Rooney repeatedly defines his purpose as dealing with the macabre.
Macabre, runner-up to David Junior on his only two-year-old start but still looking for a win after two significantly less encouraging subsequent outings for Godolphin, is apparently just that and Simpson added: "My main hope for Chepstow is that he doesn't disgrace himself.
Hamilton's latest "Anita Blake, Vampire Hunter" novel Danse Macabre (1596000414, $29.
If you like macabre humor and need a fresh start, Dead Cat can help.
Avant-garde theater legend Robert Wilson channels this macabre German folk tale with text by William S.
And is the irony compounded by the fact that his portraits are death masks of a sort, each detail exaggerated to produce a macabre lifelikeness, a fatalistic autonomy?
Moore examines the often-gruesome, borderline-obsessive work Hunter engaged in, including macabre dissections of both dead and living animals, in his pursuit of a complete understanding of anatomy.
The first time I did it, I was repulsed by the rubbery texture of embalmed skin, the macabre illusion of life painted on the face of my friend Peter.
Abetted wonderfully by drawings from the artist of the macabre, Gahan Wilson, this book is a guilty pleasure, pure and simple.