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Coleman has pointed out how, by macabrely applying the Mikado principle, many Roman executions sought 'to make the punishment fit the crime':
Closer, I see the moat, the courtyard's secret pool in which, macabrely, red jellyfish float, death and potentiality entwined forever.
Browning's parodic "good minute" (36) centers the poem whose second half macabrely reverses the action of the first in which Porphyria appears as actor.
Indeed her latest schlock-shock images displaying the broken-down merchandise of a medical-supply house--plastic mannequins endowed with anatomically correct genitalia macabrely animated in pantomimes of sexual fantasy--are emphatically interventional.
Now a thousand points of light seem all but fated to burst macabrely in the sky east of Suez sometime soon, if not necessarily on January 16, setting in motion a vast train of scarcely imaginable upheavals.
As he journeys on the ferry the "Cotton Blossom" (which evokes images of the Old South), its huge red wheel churning in the water like the tragic gears of fate, Courtland, in dark sun-glasses and dark suit, macabrely tapping his wedding-ringed finger on the black suitcase full of blank paper, seems more like the villain, a coldly impassive hired assassin on his way to a hit.