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Id: nest identification; N: internal Id number of the Hyacinth Macaw Project; Type: NC = Natural cavity or AN = Artificial nest; Tl: First time of monitoring; stage: egg (e), nestling (n), young (y) or egg depredated ([dagger]); T2: Second time of monitoring; LT: Last day of monitoring the nest.
A member of the European Association of Zoos and Aquaria, AWWP has so far this year bred four Spix's macaw chicks, including the two conceived by artificial insemination, of three different mothers.
In 1998 Powell recruited two young conservationists Olivier Chassot and Gulsselle Monge Arias to take over the conservation aspect of the macaw project.
Exhibited are his watercolour The Lovebirds' Wedding, in which the ceremony is witnessed by a pair of eagle owls, storks, cranes, a penguin and other birds, and A Select Committee, dominated by a bossy Hyacinth macaw.
The computer's screen is showing live images of the macaw and her chicks, sent from a tiny camera that the researchers have tucked inside her nest.
Central to Hakansson's installation is a long-dead and taxidermied macaw on loan from Harvard's Museum of Comparative Zoology.
Ms Stothard said: "Tom and I had heard this unusual squawking sound on and off for about 24 hours before we realised that there was a macaw in the tree opposite our house.
One scarlet macaw named Max is a "third-generation Oregonian," he said.
The macaw was extirpated from the island in the early 1960s due to habitat alteration and poaching for the pet trade.
MACAW gave Glasgow trainer Jim Goldie his first winner at Goodwood in the opening ten-furlong handicap, writes Bruce Jackson.
Some of the birds are a rare variety of macaw known as ''jade macaw'' in Japan.