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MACE-BEARER, Eng. law. An officer attending the court of session.

A Law Dictionary, Adapted to the Constitution and Laws of the United States. By John Bouvier. Published 1856.
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A large |crowd watches as Lord Hailsham, the Lord Chancellor, follows the macebearer into the new Teesside Law Courts at the official opening in February 1973, left.
Brill (1993, p 59) recounts that in one case the new appointee was given a chair and a table in the macebearer's office and Watkins (1993, p 129) recalls how her first accommodation was a hut in the County Hall car park.
She goes on to refer to the mayoral chauffeur's responsibilities in cleaning the cars, cleaning and guarding the civic silver, acting as macebearer and toastmaster - though I am at a loss to understand the connection between all these and the cars' insurance.
The ceremonial mayoral macebearer started life as a bodyguard to prevent the first citizen being accosted.
If there is no incongruity between "the Right Honourable the Lord Mayor in his state carriage drawn by six horses, and attended by his chaplain, swordbearer, and macebearer," on the one hand, and four steam fire engines drawn by four horses on the other, between the representatives of ancient guilds and the crew of a modem training-ship, the explanation is to be found in the continuous history of a corporation which links the institutions of today with the very beginnings of our national civilization.(130)