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L'idee d'un lieu relie aux activites commerciales et marchandes non loin du macellum est theoriquement admissible et seduisante (147).
The Children's Place Inc (Nasdaq:PLCE), a large pure-play children's specialty apparel retailer in North America, Macellum SPV II L.
Il processo di conservazione, la costruzione della tradizione, della Storia come dato oggettivo, si oppone nel macellum al tentativo di creazione del soggetto vitale femminile.
Sabe-se que ocorreram alguns pontos de contato entre Gregorio e Juliano e que tais pontos teriam reforcado seus motivos em atacar o Principe: Gregorio sabia que Juliano e seu irmao Gallo passaram seis anos de sua infancia em Macellum, na Capadocia, ou seja, Gregorio cresceu, pois tinha uma idade muito proxima da de Juliano, provavelmente ouvindo alguma noticia intrigante; Juliano teria sido batizado e, depois, teria renegado o cristianismo.
Elphidium macellum (Fichtel and Moll) = Nautilus macellum Fichtel and Moll, 1798 (TD, B, MD)
Numidarum pascimur oris / Phasidos et lucis; arcessitur inde macellum / unde aurata novo devecta estaequore pellis>> (Manilio, V, vv.
One of the frescoes of the Macellum in Pompeii, now thought to have been one of the prosperous southern Italian city's principal food markets which, in its day, plainly outshone the glory of the food halls of London's Harrods and Berlin's KDW.
There are frequent attacks on luxuries, particularly women's luxuries such as jewelry and perfume, as when he criticizes modern dowries in "Anthropopolis": "dotis dato insulam Chrysam, agrum Caecubum, seplasia Capuae, macellum Romuli" ("seplasia Capuae" was a street in Capua on which perfume was sold).
As Julian himself makes clear, and as Constantius was undoubtedly aware, they had in fact only met once before 354, when Constantius visited Gallus and Julian at Macellum, the estate where they were confined.
The Shrine of the Imperial Family in the Macellum at Pompeii', in A.
He was elected to the board in accordance with an agreement with shareholders Macellum Advisors GP LLC and Barington Capital Group LP.
Carthago Nova (Cartagena) enjoyed an urban renewal in the early fifth century, including a new harbour facade and conversion of the disused theatre into a macellum (54).