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After external examination, the remains were placed in water and allowed to macerate.
044" wire and 15mm amplitude sinusoid tip to macerate thrombus in larger diameter graft and fistulae anatomies.
This methodology will be applied to several types of matrices (essential oil, absolute, concrete, hydrosol, macerate, balm .
Gently heat the wine and port with the sugar, and add the spices and vanilla pods, then pour this over the fruit and almonds, and allow it to macerate for a good few hours at room temperature before chilling until needed.
Poppy scones with macerated strawberries Ingredients 2oz unsalted good quality Welsh butter 8oz self raising flour 1 teaspoon poppy seeds 1 teaspoon vanilla extract 1 oz golden caster sugar - pint milk ' pint double cream, whipped to a soft peak 1 punnet strawberries 1 table spoon sugar Method To macerate the strawberries, simply cut into halves and sprinkle with caster sugar.
Stir well and leave at room temperature to macerate for half an hour.
Law scholars from across Europe, two more from the US, and a legal officer at the United Nations, presented initial reports and interventions at a workshop in Macerate in June 2004.
Coulis - put all ingredients in a bowl and leave to macerate for a couple of hours.
This variation on the classic Middle Eastern salad is designed to macerate in the refrigerator overnight.