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Moreover, anthraquinones were detected only in petroleum ether macerate (Table-2).
The Boston Shearpump will crush, chop, macerate, cut, shred and grind in uneven flow patterns and will withstand bumps and pressure spikes, providing reliable, continuous inline processing, 24 hours a day, seven days a week.
Cover and let fruit macerate (soak in flavor of liquor) 1 to 2 hours in refrigerator.
044" wire and 15mm amplitude sinusoid tip to macerate thrombus in larger diameter graft and fistulae anatomies.
Macerate for 30 3 Place the peppers cut-side up in a roasting tin and spoon the tomato mixture evenly into the peppers.
The CT201 Muncher has been installed upstream of the existing pump to finely macerate all solids within the flow, before the waste oil is transferred into the recovery system for cleaning.
Stir well and leave at room temperature to macerate for half an hour.
Law scholars from across Europe, two more from the US, and a legal officer at the United Nations, presented initial reports and interventions at a workshop in Macerate in June 2004.
This variation on the classic Middle Eastern salad is designed to macerate in the refrigerator overnight.