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For the elaboration of burgers (2 treatments with 3 replicates), pressed cashew fiber or macerated and pressed cashew fiber (27.
Majority of stillbirths (80%) were of macerated type whereas remaining (20%) were fresh stillbirths.
According to the manufacturer, the machine offers the advantages of a continuous-feed press without the drawback of the grapes getting macerated by moving mechanical parts.
On examination, malodorous, moist, macerated, erythematous plaques were present on sides of her neck, axillae (Figure 1), antecubital fossae, inframammary region and groin in a bilateral and symmetrical fashion.
Marcus Bennett, co-owner and award-winning chef at The Bay Horse, Hurworth MACERATED STRAWBERRIES .
And she did all the cooking herself, from scratch: amber chicken broth made from whole kosher chickens (she insisted that non-kosher chickens did not taste as good, even though we did not keep kosher), kneidlach (spiked with vodka to make them fluffy), gefilte fish, brisket and chicken, elaborate vegetable dishes, and meringues with macerated berries for dessert.
German scientists wanted to determine the effects of macerated enzymatic mash on certain properties of pasteurized strawberry purees.
In a guide to identifying and interpreting joint diseases, anthropologists at the University of Alberta-Edmonton identify diagnostic criteria relevant to investigating joint diseases in dry and macerated bone specimens, differentiate between various disease forms, and highlight contentious issues such as the antiquity of rheumatoid arthritis and the implications of the prevalence and severity of joint disease for reconstructing the behaviors of past people and recently deceased individuals.
Rosenberg, upon isolation of gram-negative bacilli from patients with macerated toe-webs.
The thoroughly 'kitchen cook friendly' recipes range from Egyptian Whole Wheat Pita Bread; Citrus Green Bean Salad; Macaroni with Meat and Bechamel Sauce; and Sweet Fritters Topped with Syrup; to Lamb Pita Sandwiches; Double Chocolate Baklava; Egyptian Bread Pudding; and Macerated Dates with Apricots and Raisins.